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"Invoking the Infinite"

Contained within this painting is every symbol I encountered when I was led to research a vision I had of the figure eight as a healing symbol. This time I was along for the ride, translating the symbols, as they appeared. Contained within the beginning is also the end. The symbols include that for infinity, a mobius loop, lemniscate, DNA, and vortex diagram. Can you find them?
prints available

High resolution full color laser prints ~ 12"X18" signed and lightly mounted on 12"x18"
colored matboard in a plastic sleeve. $40.00

Archival quality limited edition geclee prints on watercolor paper ~ 18"X24" signed and numbered... nicely presented in a plastic sleeve on foamcore. $250.00 (ask for quotes on larger sizes).

These exquisite Permacolor prints look exactly like the original watercolor.

ARTCARDS- individually wrapped color greeting card with envelope
5x7 ~ blank inside~ $3.00 each
 ~ 4 for $10.00

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