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"Mountain Messengers"

Within this piece is embedded the geometry of the pentagon. It speaks of power and excellence, of protection and divine transcendence. In the cosmology of many indigenous cultures, the presence of the Mountain Lion, also called Puma and Panther denotes connection to our earthly animal nature and the courage and protection that having this totem provides. It is a deep energetic connection that humans feel with the power of their animal relatives. Experiencing communication with an animal or any force of nature likely puts you in touch with a spirit guide. The power of this communication may result in a transcendent experience that defies rational thought or conventional experience. You are invited to see nature in this transcendental light, and to hold yourself in readiness for the messages that all of nature provides.

original watercolor ~ $3000 framed 24"X30"
prints available

prints available

High resolution full color laser prints ~ 12"X18" signed and lightly mounted on 12"x18"
colored matboard in a plastic sleeve. $40.00

Archival quality limited edition geclee prints on watercolor paper ~ 18"X24" signed and numbered... nicely presented in a plastic sleeve on foamcore. $250.00 (ask for quotes on larger sizes).

These exquisite Permacolor prints look exactly like the original watercolor.

ARTCARDS- individually wrapped color greeting card with envelope
5x7 ~ blank inside~ $3.00 each
 ~ 4 for $10.00

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