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Mandala Painting Workshop

A chance to deeply explore the Mandala and the mystery of painting large Mandalas, Still Life or Landscape Painting. We will also explore music, film and ritual. An awesome painting experience of discovering your own soul. No experience necessary.

Weekend Mandala Workshop

A weekend introduction to the inner artist and an opportunity to creatively explore the mystery of the soul and the Mandala. Each Individual will complete a wondrous, colorful Mandala as a symbol to live with, study and begin a process of learning, growing, healing and artistic development.
No experience necessary.


Prayer Flag Workshop

Paul Heussenstamm, artist and Buddhist Thanka painter who has recently traveled to both
Nepal and India is offering a weekend workshop on the Making of Prayer Flags. This creative workshop is based on the ancient Tibetan practice of making and flying prayer flags at sacred sites.
The flags that each individual will create will include personal prayer, family prayer, ancestor prayers, national prayers and world prayers. This workshop includes mediation, movement, tarot, ritual prayer and the making of prayer flags and will concentrate on healing each individual and our world. Each participant will complete a set of several red, yellow and green prayer flags that can be placed in homes, yards or any places where healing is called for. The ceremony is complete when the flags are flown with the wind and spirit carrying the prayers to all sentient beings in the world.

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