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A sacred diagram or meditation symbol, usually circular, sometimes square, sometimes another regular shape, such as the Eight Petaled Lotus of Smashana-Kali. Contemplation of the mandala can lead to mystical insight.

A personal mandala is an "eye" into one's interior that opens the psyche to the symbolic language of the soul. This language can be applied to all of the manifest reality, and once it's visual dynamism is understood the world and how we see it powerfully changes.

The mandala,is an ancient symbol and concentric map of the psyche, has been used by various cultures around the world, including Tibetan Buddhists, Aborigines, and Native Americans. This workshop will introduce you to the mandala, and through it, to the mystery of the soul and the passionate world of the inner artist. It offers a supportive initiation for all participants, regardless of experience, to open to their natural creativity through art, meditation, ritual, and music.
Each participant will complete a colorful personal mandala as a symbol to live with, to study and to begin a process of learning, growing, healing and artistic development.

Discover your soul symbols as powerful tools for personal and professional transformation. Come to a deeper understanding of your own creative forces. Mandala painting can open your eyes in a heart-and-soul-connected way to see and feel things you may never have experienced before.

Art supplies will be provided.
No previous experience necessary.

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It is the artist's mission to the womb of nature, in the primal ground of creation where the secret key to all things lies hidden.
- Paul Klee


Some time ago, after exploring various forms of artistic expression, Paul Heussenstamm, recognized himself as uniquely sensitive to the spirit of others, and the mandala is uniquely expressive of the qualities of those spirits. After using this intuitive capacity to remove veils of the superficial, he is able to produce a "map" of the psyche. By studying this "map", you can see further into your own life,
your relationship, and your motivations.

Paul Heussenstamm is more than an artist. He is an artist, a teacher and a healer.